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Who We Are

We are a small but very efficient group of dedicated computer software and hardware professionals, scientists and programmers, computer experts and hardware gurus. We have been working in different areas including medicine, science, math, geophysics, geology, mass spectrometry, real-time data processing, and so on for decades. We were always helping our friends and neighbors with their computer problems. Then one day we got together and thought - why don't we widen our field and start helping people to resolve their computer related issues, to show them how they could use their computers more efficiently while paying less money?

There are number of tricks to save money at any stage of computer work. We can help you to extend your computer life, you can learn how to use your one old computer, say, as Internet router, as well as file and print server. We can assemble a customized any computer... Almost any. There are unique all-in-one machines, where customization can be done only by their developers, if can be done at all. We can repair most of the current and old computers giving them the second life.

The software programs, written by us, work in different areas. Here are just a few examples.

We are ready to come to you at your earliest convenience to help you to resolve your computer problems, to show how many different things can be done with your own computer, to show you powerful, simple, and useful tricks to use your computers more efficiently both at home and at work.

Here is our service area. But even if you live outside this you can email us or ask any questions in our Web Conference, and we will answer our questions with pleasure.

If you want to read more about our experience you can open this page.

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