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Why us?

Why we are the best? It is simple. We are not lazy to come to every client and work regardless of our time. If we promised to do something it will be done as soon as possible and we will treat the customer's computers like our owns doing the best we can. We will never install anything that the customer doesn't need or anything dangerous that affects our customers security.

One example of one service call

One day we were invited to one medical office, located in Scottsdale, AZ, to take a look at their computers and the entire network. The first and main complaint - the computers are too slow!

After we quickly tested these computers we found that all of them had the special software for remote access and administration, and this software was significantly slowing the whole office down. After we asked the owner of this office about details, we found that it was some computer support company from Mesa, and this office subscribed for their service. So this company installed a special software to all the computers to maintain them remotely. That's not only a serious security leak. This office works with the patient information and the remote company or whoever, who got an access to the codes, can login to these computers and download any info from them. It's hard to say what is worse - the computer virus or the people intentionally installing this remote administrative software giving access to the strangers with no warranties. The office staff had no any idea how often the remote access happens, when, etc. Incredible service! What about HIPAA restrictions? We got a serious impression that these people never heard about personal data, privacy, etc. The office was working very slowly, but it was only a visible part of the problem! Even more. This office had two wireless routers and one of them was widely open to anybody who wanted to get a connection. So anybody cruising around could connect to the office network, actually see all the computers and even try to get access to them! So this is a real situation, but we don't provide any names or addresses here to keep privacy of the people we work with.

We had to write a long desription of the problem, explain to the owner that this office was widely open for strangers and the chances that the patient personal records were safe were miserable. We reconfigured the office and computers and explained why this software was slowing the whole office down.

Tip: We never install any remote access software on any customer computer!

We respect the privacy of our clients and we never watch or copy any of the customer information to our media. If there is anything on the screen that we don't need to see we simply ask the customer to close the screen or to copy this info so that we don't even see it. That's the only way to safely keep the personal data of our customers. If we have to make a backup, we give the media to the customer and ask him to keep it in some safe place. We even don't need to know where exactly, this is not our problem and responsibility! And we will keep doing this way even if we need to come to the customer every time instead to connect to his computer remotely. This is our choice and many people respect this policy.


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