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Staff Training

It's very important not only to have a very powerful computer with a decent software, it's extremely important to know how to use it. It's not a secret that there are very many different computer programs on the market today, and each company tells that it is the very best. Is it true? Not really. The history shows that sometimes even a very reliable company can sell its software infected by some virus. Many programs are having serious mistakes, errors, bugs, made by developers, and some of these bugs are able to destroy your computer. If you rely on such a software you can be in trouble when you get this kind of issues. Even the programs written to make your work on your computer safe can bring you problems. As a result, instead of a good backup you will get a broken computer with lost data. Problem? Yes, it is. Some software can be incompatible with your computer, operating system, or another program installed on your computer. Even a huge well-known company can make a fatal mistake. It is a well-known fact, that several years ago there was a Windows Update that killed many computers in the world, having AMD chipset, so badly, that the whole operating system should be reinstalled, or restored from the latest backup, if the users were smart enough to make it.

But let's forget about the worst things for a while. If your computer is under supervision of a computer expert, who knows what he does, you're safe. At least these dangerous cases are to be almost eliminated.

We can give you recommendation on what software you'd better buy and install according to your requirements. Very often people think that as more expensive software is, as better it works. It sounds like "we paid for it, so it should work, regardless of...". But many people are not aware that there is a open source or free software that can be installed and efficiently used. Or instead of buying a very heavy and expensive professioanl version of something, making your computer much slower, you can simply install a home or semi-professional version of the same software and that's all you need.


InformIT (Pearson Education)

PeachPit (Pearson Education)