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Software Installation

Software installation is often tricky. It's very hard to check after professional if everything was correctly done or not if you don't know what to check. We saw many examples when so-called professionals were doing this or that, but at the same time forgetting to do something really important.

Computer stores and antivirus help

One our customer went to the computer store to fix his computer. He didn't know about us at that time. His computer had viruses and the store guys didn't invent anything good, but reinstalled the whole operating system. But they just "forgot" about few small details. They didn't install any updates or service packs, no antivirus software, no security tools, didn't check firewall, and didn't do anything else important for the safe work. Even more, all user files have been simply deleted. We were told how many music files were bought from the Internet, how many photo files were previously copied from the digital camera, and all that was simply deleted, the whole hard drive was reformated. How much you would pay for the service like this? This kind of service should never happen! We know the amount that this user paid for this so-called service. It was really high. Of course, next time when the same user got viruses, and he could nto avoid that for obvious reason, he came to us. We preserved all the files, cleaned the existing system, installed the antivirus software, made many tweaks to secure this computer for the future and then the customer got his computer back. You can imagine how happy he was now - all his info was alive, nothing was deleted, the system was configured like he wanted and familiar, so he didn't need to lose time and money to do everything from scratch.

Let the computer expert help you to make the right choice. As it was mentioned earlier, some programs can be incompatible with other programs, with your computer or operating system. Finally they can have bugs, sometimes fatal. It's almost impossible to keep all that in mind, especially if you are not a dedicated professional, who spent the entire life working with computer software and hardware. In many cases an incorrectly installed program or driver can keep causing unexpected computer crashes leading to data loss. It can easily result with a complete reinstallation of the whole operating system, all your settings will be gone. In the best case scenario you will keep a copy of your personal data, but only if you took care of that before the didsaster happened. Do you really want that to happen to you and your computer? If not, contact us!

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

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