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Web Site Development

You can order your own web site with the following features:

  • Flexible, easy to add, consistent, css and web control based resizable pages using our templates. You change one place, all the pages get this change immediately. If you want to change a background image, music it's just one simple change.
  • Web controls that you can simply adjust and then drug-n-drop on your page(s) to get them working with minimal or no changes. If you don't want to use your templates you can create your own.
  • A whole page can be assembled using our and your own controls like Lego in just a few seconds. All you need is to add content to a new page and bind it to the menu.
  • Easlily to restructure or reorganize structure of the whole web site in just minutes. You can use a menu based, tree based, image based or combined of all 3 types web site navigation.
  • Powerful web site support and detailed customer analysis enchanced with MS SQL Server. You will always know who and when visited your web site, what pages were visited and when, how long time your visitors spent on these pages, you will always know the most popular pages to improve and use them, etc. We track and keep all statistics of the visitors so that all mentioned above and much more can be analyzed any moment, even in real time, and delivered to you. It is a very powerful feature, you can add a missing info to the required page after you got a report and notices what your visitors really wanted to see and why they left. You can use all that to keep more of your customers interested.
  • Geographical location of your visitors counts! You can apply a country based restriction, block required IP addresses, countries, etc. It will not only save you traffic, but will help to protect your privacy from spammers. All that is cinfigurable with a simple change in the web.config file.
  • The web site engine is written in C# .NET. This is a very high level programming language and it has no limits in implementing new features. So we can add any required logic to the site.


A few examples of the web sites developed by our company:


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