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Software Development

We have professional software developers in our team with incredible software experience. If you have any problem that you think can be resolved with some kind of software, but not sure how exactly, please don't hesitate to contact us. If this software exists on the market, we can help you to find it. If it doesn't exist, we will simply write it for you. The software development is one of our favorite fields.

We have already developed many different programs and software systems, including the Real-Time Software System for Human Brain Monitoring, Visualization and Analysis, using by Nicolet Biomedical, Wisconsin, St.Joe Hospital, Phoenix, and many other companies and hospitals, the Electronic Medical Records EMR system for Podiatry written for DoxEmr, different Front Office Systems for Patient Medical History, Appointment Scheduling, Diagnostics, real-time data processing for USGS, L'Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, Institute of Physics of the Earth Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok Observatory and project Meridian 210, etc. One of our EMR systems is currently working with about 2 millions of medical patients and several thousands of medical providers giving them an unbreakable 24/7 access from any Home or Office Desktop Computer, Tablet PC, PDA or even Mobile Phone.

There are a few examples of very successful projects with short descriptions:

So contact us. Maybe your problems are much easier to be resolved that you could imagine.

If you have any idea for a software development, or you want to develop something to dramatically increase your revenue, to automate a routine process in your office, please contact us, and we will discuss these ideas with you at your earliest convenience. You can even start a new business with our help basing on your previous professional experience like happened to the people from this small, but already powerful company.

We provide the following services

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