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Software Developer Corner

Version Control with Vault Sourcegear

This is an incredible company writing software to simplify the software developer hard work. If you are a senior software developer, architect or project manager, and know everything about software version control, or if you are only a beginner, who just started working at this field, you will definitely find Vault SourceGear very useful for your needs. But the most incredible thing is - if you are a single software developer you can use this software for free. Yes, it's free for single developers, and you can read about that at the company page, mentioned above. Even more, you can combine different client versions on the same computer and run them simultaneously. Although the only one version can be integrated in the Visual Studio, this is not a huge disadvantage and can be avoided when required. You can find how to do that at the Sourcecode Control Switcher page. The company support is very friendly, detailed, fast and reliable. We don't share their technical support email address neither phone number here to keep them away from spammers, but you can easily find this information at the company page.

Combining two clients

The installation of two different clients is not obvious since the client installer deletes the previous version when it's found. The best way to go is to first install the secondary version, then move or rename the directory with this just instaled client, then install the version that you want to get integrated into the Visual Studio, finally create a shortcut to the previously installed version, and that's actualy it! You got both versions and can start them at the same time like we do. Why do you need both? The protocols using by different clients can be different and not supported by the server. If both clients are using the same protocols you probably don't need two separate clients installed. So if you are using one client against your company Sourcegear Server, you can use another client against your local Sourcegear server for your own local needs. The local installation of Vault Sourcegear server requires MSDE or MS SQL Server, but if you are a software developer you definitely know what that is, and it's more likely that you got it installed on your machine. We used the Vault Sourcegear version 5.0.4 (18845) and we didn't have any problems installing it on the Windows 7/64 (AMD Phenom 965 X4 at 3.75GHz machine with 8 GB RAM) with MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and several generations of the Visual Studio up to VS 2010 Professional.


When we tried to install the local copy of Vault Sourcegear server we got just one trouble. Everything went smoothly until the installer tried to start the web based administrator. When it failed twice we asked the support what could be a reason of this issue. But even before the support was able to dig deeper into our problem, we found a solution. Actually it has nothing to Vault Sourcegear. The problem hides in the interference of the local IIS and Skype. When Skype is running it takes ports 80 and 443 for its needs, and all your local web applications using IIS are getting down, unreachable, etc. VS2010 doesn't care since it's using a built-in web server for debugging, so we forgot about this issue once we resolved it several years ago with the previous versions of the Visual Studio. As soon as we recalled that and closed Skype we were able to start the Vault Sourcegear web browser based administrator panel and it worked like a sharm. Here is a complaint to the Skype developers. Several years ago when we first got into this issue with IIS it was posible to reserve or disable ports 80/443 in Skype settings. For some reason it doesn't work now and there is no difference if we check this setting in Skype or not.

Comparing and merging files

There is a very nice built-in feature in the client. You can compare the different versions of the files with the Vault Sourcegear client, and that's probably all you need. But here is a good application that you can integrate into your Sourcegear client or even use as a standalone application comparing files, folders, and folder trees. First we tried this tool over 10 years ago and found it very convenient, powerful and flexible. The name of this application is Araxis Merge.

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