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We provide a wide range of services.

  • We write software for our clients to help them to automate offices, collect, keep and analyze data. We can write a new interface between your computer and some other devices like Mass-Spectrometer, Spectrum-Analyzers, Scanning or Monitoring Devices, Printers, Cameras, etc. We got a very good experience writing software for Medicine, Geophysics, Scientific Research. Our applications work in the USA, Finland, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and other countries.
  • We install, optimize, customize and tune the existing software.
  • We give recommendations on a new software purchase. We analyze many different software products, finding advantages and disadventages, new features and bugs, and then describe them in our reviews. If the bugs are very serious we inform the developers of this software to let them fix their products. If we get a new brilliant idea, that has never been implemented, we send this proposal to the developer team to improve the products that we like. We keep close relationships with many developer teams of very popular products on the market and we are aware of much more details about these products than are usually published on the Internet.
  • We can show you how to use your computers more efficiently in your home or office to save your time, money and efforts.

There is a special page called Downloads. It has the references to the software that we like and use for years. The list is not very long, but it already includes several incredible programs that most of the people never heard about. Some of them are free. And this list keeps growing. The list of the programs we deal with on a daily basis is huge, but not all of these applications should be noticed here since these applications and systems are used by professionals for special purposes and they are not so useful for a home user.

If you have any idea for a software development, or you want to develop something to increase your revenue in your office, to automate a routine process, please contact us, and we will discuss these ideas with you at your earliest convenience.

A few examples

InformIT (Pearson Education)

PeachPit (Pearson Education)