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We provide a wide range of services including:

1. PC evaluation, tests, regular maintenance, cleaning, trouble shooting and optimization. We can give you valuable recommendations on how to make your personal computer work better, safer and longer. We can show you how to save your money keeping your computer running like new.

2. PC installation, customization, assembling, upgrade. Do you want your old PC to get a second life? You probably don't need to believe a manager of computer store, to pay extra money and buy a brand new computer with similar or slightly better parameters that your current PC already has. Instead, you can spend much less money to get your own PC working dramatically better. All you need to do is add a few new cheap parts.

3. Disaster prevention, including antivirus protection, hardware failures, hacker attacks, etc. There are not so many people seriously thinking about their information stored in a computer... until it's gone forever, or, instead, until it's shared with the whole world through the Internet. You can make a few simple steps to avoid this extremely serious situation and restore your personal files, as well as operating system, in minutes and keep working like nothing happened. Many people keep just one copy of their photo albums, family videos and many other extremely valuable personal documents in their computers and think that it is safe. Be smarter and prepare for any disaster before it comes! Imagine that you configured your home or business computer hoping that it will last forever. You spent days, weeks, and even months, customizing your computer, making it very convenient for your tasks, entering email and bank accounts, editing documents, polishing the settings, but one day you just lost everything and there is no way to get it back. Even if you keep the copies of your documents in some safe place nothing can restore the operating system. Some computers don't even have an installation CD, and your licensed copy of Windows can simply disappear. It can be easily avoided if you're well prepared for such a situation.

4. Network installation, optimization, and securing, including both cable and wireless LAN, cable modems, routers, switches and hubs, VPN connections, FTP servers, IIS servers. We can make your network running faster than it is probably now. Do you want to share your files to your home computers, Play Stations, Windows Media Centers, or maybe you want to use your very expensive printer located in the next room printing from your laptop while sitting in the backyard? Maybe you forgot a very important file at home and want to get it from your office instead of driving home and back to the office? All that is possible, you just need to ask us and we'll show you how to do that in a very simple way.

5. Writing, fixing, debugging, optimizing, localizing software and databases including the critical one working 24/7 with multiple clients. We got professional software developers with tremendous experience on staff. They can do that for you. If you think that your work can be automated, just let us know what you want to improve. Let's think together about how to get it done, and you will start enjoying performing even routine operations. Let your computer work for you!

6. We support small, medium, large offices as well as private home users providing personal attention to all your needs regardless of the office or home size. All customers are extremely important and valuable for us.

7. We can help you with photo and video editing. Do you want to learn how to create photo albums, how to edit photos, edit and create movies using the footage from your camcorders? You think that it's very complicated and you will never get it? We can show you simple ways to understand and learn that. You will be able to crop, edit, correct your photo files, create photo albums, post them on the Internet, or burn CD or DVD disks and mail them to your family and friends.

8. We can teach you, your staff and your kids to efficiently use computers and everything related to computers, to trust your computer, to consider your computer as a friend, not as a black box, that nobody-knows-how-it-really-works. Computers are very simple in general. There is only one thing you need to know: there are a lot of simple things you need to learn to efficiently work with your computer, but computers are mostly very friendly and you can always get help from them, you just need to know how. The rest is simple. You need to trust your feelings, your intuition, and all that will be paid off.

9. If you are the owner or a manager of a company and you think that your company's electronic office needs a regular maintenance and protection, simply contact us. The subscription based service will save you more money than you could imagine. We can visit you on a regular basis, train your staff and review your computer systems. You can always call us if any emergency situation appears, so that you will never live without professional protection and you will always know what to do.

The payments are not hourly based like many service companies usually do.

Our payments are result based

If we find that it is much cheaper for you to buy a new computer than to upgrade the existing one, we will honestly tell you that helping you to avoid extra out of pocket cost. There are no hidden traps. If we told you that this work will cost you that amount, it can only be decreased if we find during the process that this work can be done better and easier. But the price will never be increased even if it took a much longer time and attention to get the work done. If we find that your computer requires a more detailed attention, or we find a hidden failure, affecting your computer functionality, like motherboard internal cracks or capacitor leaks, you will need to replace some parts in it. In this case we will inform you as to what should be replaced and how much it will cost you. In any case the final decision will be yours.

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