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Our Partners and Clients

We worked with many companies and organizations, USGS, Nicolet Biomedical, St.Joe Hospital (Phoenix), Sybase, Acronis, L'Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, Institute of Physics of the Earth (Russian Academy of Sciences), Borok Observatory (Russia) and project Meridian 210 (Japan), small and medium Doctor Practices, and many others companies and private users. Included below are just a few short examples of successful partnership.

DoxEmr (also known as DoxPodiatry, also known as Dox Electronical Medical Records, also known as Starwriter, also known as Pinnacle-Starwriter). The project had started from scratch about 7 years ago. Now this company supports about 2 millions of patients, several thousands of medical providers and several hundreds of medical offices all over the country. Our company took part in software development and wrote a large part of it. This software provides a 24/7 access to the clients, including medical providers and patients. It already brought a huge revenue to that company.

Dr. Ekaterina Goncharova, DDS, General Dentistry (Mesa, AZ). When we were invited to this practice they had a serious problem with their computer. The quick test didn't help. After detailed evaluation we found that the motherboard of this desktop computer had leaking capacitors and it was absolutely impossible to repair this computer without replacing the motherboard, CPU, etc. This office had the patient database that they were collecting for several years, but no backups, etc. We restored the database, made a complete backup of the whole computer including operating system and client database, then cloned everything to another computer which was partially assembled, partially upgraded from an old machine, added more RAM and installed new hard drives to this machine. Then we contacted Microsoft and reactivated the version of Windows because the hardware changed, and the operating system didn't want to work on the new machine anymore. Finally we installed antivirus software, made required tweaks to the operating system, corrected printer work, network, scheduled backups, etc. It took about two days to get everything done. Luckily they contacted us. In the worst case scenario they could simply lose everything that was collected by this office for several years.

Dr. Neil Geske, DDS, General Dentistry (Tempe, AZ). Simple computer upgrade. Usual stuff - hard drives, RAM, antivirus software. After these steps computer started working like new.

Terri Tchernoivanov, Owner of Real Estate Lifestyles by Terri T. Upgraded several computers, connected to wireless network, configured printers and faxes. Saved one laptop. Configured backups.

Happy Families in Chandler and Gilbert. Maintenance, upgrade, reassembling, virus removal, tweaking. No problems since that.

You can read what our clients think about us in our Guest Book.

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