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1&1 MS Business Package
No Updates, Service Packs

It could be a great company with excellent service if...

Let's start from the very beginning.

MS Business Package offering by this company was working with .NET 2.0 until September 2010. It was more or less stable, although it was strange for me that some of the features supported with the latest .NET 2.0 updates weren't available on this server.

Let’s make the long story short. I decided to switch to .NET 3.5 since it’s more progressive, has more features, etc. I called the support and asked if I could do that painlessly. They answered, that it’s impossible. I will need to buy a new MS Professional Package, then move everything to the new server, and finally drop the old MS Professional package. When I asked why, they explained me that it’s a shared server and they can’t just switch my account to 3.5 and keep the rest of the users with 2.0. I tried to argue telling that IIS is flexible enough to keep different applications working with different .NET versions. The answer was incredible. Jeremy from 1&1 support team told me that they don’t install any updates or service packs once the server was installed and configured. So all the 1&1 MS Servers are widely open to hackers just because nobody bothers to install any patches, updates, neither service packs! Even more, since 1&1 doesn’t provide an easy way to migrate to a new server, you, as their customer, will need to recreate all your email accounts on the new server, which means the loss of the email database and terrible step by step routine to configure all accounts existing on the old server from scratch. Finally, if you’re using MS SQL Server, then you will need to backup your database, restore it on the new server, then make the required tweaks, etc. Since the MS Business package supports up to 250 GBytes of web space it’s easy to imagine how slowly this migration should be for a regular user having to upload everything from his development machine to the server thorugh the Internet. These guys from 1&1 simply don’t care of their customers providing this incredible nightmare instead of a good reliable service.

Weird work, guys!


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