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Office Maintenance

It is very important to keep your office, regardless if it's a home or a business office, in a good shape to avoid any bad unexpected surprises. Stability is the key to the office efficiency. It can save you money and time, help you to avoid data loss, or instead avoid sharing your own or your client personal data over the Internet. Your computer should be up to date with the service packs and updates fixing possible security leaks. Your antivirus software should not only be installed, but always up to date.

Tell yourself honestly, how long time ago your software was revised, updated and tested? Your network should be regularly revised to avoid illegal connections, etc. Your computers should always be clean to avoid overheating, so critical in Arizona. It is a well-known fact that a simple can with compressed air can cost you 3-4 dollars, but the dust inside your computer can make more damage than you can even imagine in a nightmare. The cooler was over-dusted and stopped? You didn't notice that, didn't blow your computer, didn't use lubricant to make the coolers work like new... In the worst cases you will need to get a new motherboard, CPU, memory and Video Card to replace the ones damaged by heat.

If the network jack got lose the whole network can get a real problem. But sometimes it's not very easy to detect that if you don't have experience. For many people something either works or not. There is no anything in the middle. But there are many situations when the device, perfectly working for some period of time, stops working with no visible reason. To understand all that and fix a problem you can either wait until it's gets fixed on its own, or simply call a professional.

A monthly based subscription can significantly decrease the amount that you usually have to pay for a regular repair. It works like insurance and in most cases saved money for our customers. So think about it. A simple subscription for our regular maintenance can save you from all these troubles and you will start working more efficiently getting more revenue.