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Office and Users

Computer users are very important part of the office nowdays. In most situations a professional with a relatively weak PC is able to do much more than a beginner with extremely powerful computer. The reason is simple - he knows how to do that in the most efficient way possible. He knows the limits of his computer and how to get maximum from his machine. Instead, the beginner will spend the entire day playing card games on your ultra PC telling that this computer is very slow, it doesn't work, it's unable to help him to solve his tasks, to do his job, etc. Does it sound familiar? Of course it does. But the real reason is not in this particular computer, but in the user missing skills. He can't do the things he was never trained to. Who is losing in this case? Both, the business owner and the worker are losing, but differently. The first thinks that the hardware and software that he already paid and keeps paying is worthless and he just lost his money. So he will need to buy a new computer because his staff tells him that the current hardware is pretty weak or even worthless. But will it help to buy a new system or to upgrade the whole office? Not really. The most possible scenario - the same user will start complaining about the new computer as well. Is there any way to avoid that? Yes, of course. The staff must be appropriately trained. We know many examples when the business owner bought a very powerful software with hundreds and hundreds of pages, with very good functionality, but realistically the office staff was using 5-6 pages from this number. Is it wasting time and money? For sure. So make the right choice, people are the most important part of the office, not the hardware or software.

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