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Have you ever received a strange offer from some local business? Say, what should be your reaction if you receive the email message like this? The first possible thought could be "What kind of guy that is if he has a personal attorney taking care of his house?" Right?

Spam email message from local business

From the first view, this guy looks very rich, although his email message has several typos and grammar mistakes. If he is on a business trip, and his personal attorney takes care of his house, then his email message should be at least a little more realistic and at most a very skilled secretary should send it to you. The question is "why it was sent to you, not to anybody else". Is this person able to hire an IT person as a permanent staff, a member of his team, to at least keep his personal secrets that he keeps on his computer away from strangers? But let's skip this and other questions like this for now. Let's keep playing with this person to better understand what exactly he wants, but keeping in mind that this person is somebody else. Don't try to find this guy in your local address book, it doesn't exist. Well, actually he exists, but not in your country for sure. We know the trick with IP addresses that we described earlier. It's easy to check the source of this email message. It came from the same city - Ebene, Mauritius. But let's play with this guy sending him some info that he would consume with no doubt. After sending him the first short answer, we received the following reply (below).

Spam email message, Ebene, Mauritius

He changed the email account right in the middle of his bussiness trip. Does that sound real? He keeps pressing you to get more personal info about you including your location. Isn't that suspicious? And he is currently in Switzerland, isn't he? Well, we could assume for a second that this European country is located not far from Ebene, Mauritius, but it can't be that close, as this guy wants us to think, because it's located in the ocean to the East of Africa. Ok, let's continue our game without informing this person and ask him to send his personal attorney contact info to get more fun and see his reaction.

Spam email message, Ebene, Mauritius

The results are very impressive. He wants you, the person he never knew, and nobody else, to get the money from him to pay his own attorney! Do you still believe in all that?

Spam email message, Ebene, Mauritius

Wow, he is unable to find his own attorney. Is his attorney a spy, nobody from nowhere? And this "attorney" takes care of the house! Would you trust the guy you are never able to find? Do you believe in all these stories? Does that sound real? The attorney is always mobile. Why he is running? He doesn't want the Law to catch him or what? Let's pretend that we swallowed all that and send a reply to see what's next.

Spam email message, Ebene, Mauritius

Well, finally this guy lost his patience, there is no usual hello or anything like that. He is not so polite anymore. Instead, it looks like he already began to realize that somebody is playing games with him, and this is not what he really expected. All we asked in our message was if he knows one guy in our area with the name like his.

Ok, all that was done to better understand the guys's intention, and we stopped at this stage. What he wanted? He wanted to get the personal info, like the guy in another email that we described here. Maybe it was the same guy? Who knows... Maybe it's better to leave that to the local police of Ebene.


If you receive email messages like these just keep in mind that the free cheese is only in a mouse trap.

Good luck!

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