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Learning Computer Maintenance, Cleaning Fans

One day we got a request from our customer. He wanted to know how much should he pay to replace a fan in his HP laptop. We guessed that it should be only $3-$5 and explained him why. The laptop was about one year old. The main complaint from the customer was the following. He hears that the fan works differently comparing to the new laptop, and that's all. After we asked this man we realized that he has never cleaned his computer after he bought it. According to our a few decade long experience we saw only one laptop with broken fan. All others were simply dirty. The dust was blocking the fan preventing it from freely spinning efficiently cooling the laptop. So we guessed that the main reason of the complaint was dust inside the laptop. We recommended this man to buy a can with condensed air (this is where $3-$5 came from!) and accurately blow the dust our from his laptop. There are a few simple advices to keep laptop alive after this procedure. You can't just blow waiting until the fan flies away. If you want to get these free advices simply contact us. But let's return back to the customer with his laptop. A day later the same customer sent us a short email where he wrote that he followed our instructions and his laptop works like new. But he promised to keep watching it and let us know if there is something wrong with it.

What else can we say? Laptops are relatively small devices and all cooling fans inside them are critical to keep laptops in working condition. Ideally we need to blow the dust out every few weeks, depending on the environment and usage, to keep the fans clean. If we don't do that periodically, then one day we'll probably need to disassemble the whole laptop to get the fans clean, and that's more expensive and risky for the laptop life than keeping it clean. A simple maintenance requires just a few dollars and a few minutes of our attention every few weeks. And that's especially critical for very hot states like Arizona. Do not overheat your computers!