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With the greatest appreciation to Kokin Gumi, to the incredible musicians, who played the music, that we used on our web site, and to all the people who helped Kokin Gumi to create the album Zen Garden and many others, to Somerset Intertainment, Canada, recorded this CD and made this publication possible.

Kokin Gumi

Kokin Gumi, Zen Garden


Masakazu Yoshizawa - shakuhachi, shinobue, hichiriki, kotsuzumi, bamboo flutes

Matsuri, Phoenix, 2010

Kokin Gumi, Masakazu Yoshizawa


Hiromi Hashibe - shamsen, koto

Kokin Gumi, Hiromi Hashibe

Matsuri, Phoenix, 2010

Kokin Gumi, Matsuri, Phoenix, 2010

Hiromi Hashibe - koto, shamsen and Ken Koshio - Taiko drums

Matsuri, Phoenix, 2010

Matsuri 2010, Phoenix, Ken Koshio

Tateo Takahashi - koto, bass koto

Kokin Gumi, Tateo Takahashi


Daniel May - piano
[Currently no photo, sorry]

Kokin Gumi Discography

Our Photo Collections

Matsuri 2007, Phoenix, AZ

Matsuri 2009, Phoenix, AZ

Matsuri 2010, Phoenix, AZ

Video Dedication to Masakaza Yoshizawa
There is a downloadable video DVD with the concert recorded in 2007 in Phoenix, AZ.

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Kokin Gumi

Masakazu Yoshizawa, Hiromi Hashibe, and Tateo Takahashi


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