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Database Development

Database development is just one side of computer software development. Only the people, who spent the entire life writing software for computers, and who really love what they do, are able to write a very optimized, fast and efficient code. One needs to be born with that. It's not enough to be trained to do this job. But if the person not only knows all tricks and traps, but feels how it all works at all levels, then this person is the best at the field. How easy you think is to write and maintain database having billions of records? Or how long time your query should run against database having 350 GByte size? We have experience working with these databases and can help you with yours.

We had a very good experience reverse engineering several "reliable" databases, provided by companies developed them. And we have right to talk about that without telling the real names. Many databases existing on the market are not perfectly written. And some of them are really horrible. The developers had no idea not only about normalization or optimization, they didn't have any idea about relational databases at all. The whole code looks like written by a second grade student if not worse. But this page doesn't really need to show all the weaknesses of these databases selling by different conpanies now. We're just saying that we can do this job much better and we can honestly say that.