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Computer Maintenance

When you buy a new computer you usually think that it doesn't require any maintenance. But this is a wrong assumption, and very often computer stops working just because it required your attention, but you were busy, didn't notice, didn't know, didn't have money, etc. Let's consider what can happen to your computer if you don't pay attention to it. Most of computers have moving parts, they can wear out, the bearings can get dirty and stop. That mostly affects the fans inside the power supply, on the back side of the system case, on the video card, on the CPU, near hard drives if you have it installed, etc.

There are many examples when people didn't notice that a very simple cheap thing like a $3-$5 fan suddenly stopped spinning. They just found that a usual noise from computer changed. What are the results? It appeared to be the fan on the video card, so the video card overheated and died. Is it a problem? Yes, it is a problem, and if this is a desktop computer, the problem can cost you from $50 to $500, depending on the video card. The video card also can be integrated in the motherboard. In the worst case scenario it can cause the motherboard replacement and you are lucky if you don't need to replace the CPU as well. Was that avoidable? Of course it was! One had to open the case, check the fans, take the video card out, blow the fan and add a new lubricant to let it spinning effortlessly. Actually this is a 15-20 minute work with a desktop and it can save hundreds of dollars.

Here is another example. The cheap fan that you bought together with the CPU became dusty. Its efficiency got much lower. It still works, but not so efficiently like a brand new, clean fan. The results are predictable - overheated and dead CPU, probably motherboard. You will be lucky if it will not affect RAM, video and other cards, installed in the slots. How expensive is that? Motherboard and CPU are the most expensive parts of the computer. There are only a few parts inside computer that could compete with them - video card, some expensive controllers, probably hard drives. The result of this cheap in-box CPU fan damage will easily cost several hundreds of dollars, if not the whole computer. A partial solution is to avoid using the in-box cheap fans. They are small, inefficient, sometimes very loud, and it's risky to use them without a regular supervision, periodical maintenance or even repair. There is a little more expensive solution. One can buy a new special coller system, for example from Zalman. It is a huge cooler fan with large heatsink. It doesn't produce any sound, it's easy to keep tracking its work, it has the ball bearings, etc.. The worst or the hardest thing to do to this cooler is to open the case once in several months and blow the heatsink. That's actually all it needs. And your computer will keep working for years. You can also overclock it, since Zalman King Fan is a very powerful device and it will keep your CPU at a very low temperature, correcting its speed to spin faster when required.

Laptops are relatively small devices and they can overheat much sooner that desktop computers. Not so many people are able to disassemble laptop for a maintenance. But there are easy tricks that anybody could use to blow the most of the dust out from the laptop. Although one needs to be extremely careful using the compressed air can to avoid damaging his laptop, it's possible to do the work in just a few minutes. As a result the laptop will produce less noise, it will be cooler and last longer.

Sometimes the computer suddenly starts making a very strange noise, like metal squeak. There are not so many reasons, and it's very easy to localize the reason. If it's not a durty dry fan inside the case, then it's probably a hard drive, that requries your attention. There were some models in the past having serious issues with the bearings. Some old generation Quantum Firewall could produce this noise and it was so noticeable, that many people decided to replace the hard drive just to avoid this annoying sound. Most of them were able to exchange the hard drives by warranty. The others didn't pay attention and one day they simple lost the data stored on their hard drives.

Hard drives are very important part of computer. If they are huge, fast, make no noise, don't overheat, most of the people never notice that they exist,... until something happens to the data.

All these problems can be easily avoided of we pay attention to our computers making regular maintenance. If people can't do that themselves, the smartest people just call professionals to do that for them. In most cases any computer disaster can avoided if it's taken care of in advance. There are many methods to test the computer to predict its future for the next few months or even years. All these methods are well known to us and we are ready to help you to avoid bigger troubles.