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Computer Expert will fix your PC
for just $10-$35?
Are you kidding me?

Many people get attracted with the ads promising an “expert” computer repair for just $10-$35. Do you believe that it's possible? We honestly don't think so and here is why. Even a simple service or repair call usually includes a number of different items like making the user’s data safe, quick scan for viruses, data integrity check, cleaning, probably partial disassembling, replacing broken parts, refreshing a cooler paste to save CPU, motherboard and video card (means your money!), lubricating coolers, BIOS check and update if requried to get new features and eliminate old bugs, operating system check and update, installation of service packs and critical fixes, hard drive health check, air flow and overheating control (extremely important for AZ), system and data backup to be able to restore the system "whatever happens", adding and configuring safety and protecting features, tuning, customization, etc. This list is not endless, but really very long. Then imagine all that for just $10. Sounds like nonsense. But if you start searching for the real ads on the Internet, say, on your local Craiglist, you will find many postings with the prices like that. Only professionals know how real all that is. Nobody is even going to do anything from this critical list. Let’s think if your computer really needs this kind of care. You drive to auto service every few thousand miles and this is normal, you don't even complain. Every car has its own service list and we used to follow it. The fact, that you have no idea what all that means for your computer doesn’t mean that your PC will be in a good shape after a cheap, quick, few minute “fix” by an "expert" for just $10. If you want to vote for that, then this is your choice. We can’t stop you of doing that. But don’t cry later trying to change your stolen SSN, restoring personal data or contacting bank about your lost money. You were informed, and the choice was yours as usual.