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Computer Evaluation

If you are about to upgrade your computer, or, instead, you are about to waste it and buy a new one, don't hurry. There is a possibility that your computer can be tuned up with minimal or no efforts. Probably you can add some small amount of money to get a significant speed increase.

There can be many different reasons why your computer works slowly or at least not as you expected - insufficient RAM, computer viruses, incorrect formatting of a hard drive, wrong location or too large swap file, disk fragmentation, damaged operating system, missing or replaced system files, fragmented or damaged system registry if you use Microsoft Windows systems, green mode that you or Microsoft decided to enable and you didn't notice that, different services that you will never use but they are loaded occupying memory and using CPU resources, etc. In many cases you can fix that and keep working with your computer like never before. But if you don't know how, then you'd either learn, contact professionals to help you, or buy a new computer that will get same problems sooner or later.

Insufficient RAM can make the operating system start using a swap file to keep the data and programs that you're currently using. Using the swap file is much slower than using the computer RAM. The memory modules are very cheap nowdays. Having RAM increased you can get your computer working in times, if not in hundreds of times faster. The difference will be noticable right away. On the other hand, a 32-bit operating system can't consume over 4 GB or RAM including the address space for devices like Video, USB, SATA, and other cards. So if you know that you are working with very memory consuming applications like photo or video editors, consider moving to a 64-bit system with more RAM instead.

Here is another example. Most of the current CPUs and motherboards are able to automatically decrease the working frequence when the temperature goes above some critical value. As a result, your computer can suddenly start working much slower and you have no idea what's happened. But the real reason can be just a dust on the cooler fan, a missing or dried out lubricant in the fan bearing, missing cooler paste between the cooler and CPU, incorrect cabling and the cables closing the holes in the computer case, etc. Is it cheap to fix that? Of course it is! It's just a few dollars to get all that fixed and prevent a more serious disaster that can be caused by overheating. A simple search in Google for melted cpu photo will show you a few interesting pictures. Do you want that to happen to your computer?

As our experience shows, there are many people buying newer, much more powerful computers with multi Terrabyte hard drives, spending money without realizing that their own computer is good enough for their tasks, like browsing, visiting on line stores, banks, sending emails and that's actually all. There is a very old joke. When the hard drive space is not enough anymore, the smart people just compress their files. Instead, the rich people go and buy a new hard drive. Both ways are good, but the first one is free, the second one requires money right out from your pocket. And this is your choice which way to go.

Using this web site on a regular basis you can learn how to do this or that, you will understand how your computer works to get more from it using less efforts. If you have questions please let us know. We will publish answers on our web site in the appropriate section and you can always relay on us.s.

And finally if you need help, if you want us to do something that you can't do yourself, just give us a call or send us an email. The contact info is located right below. And don't forget, that the first phone or on site consultation is free as usual.