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Computer Disaster Prevention

Do not make a terrible mistake keeping all your multiple archives on your single computer without any copies. Many people nowdays are very naive thinking that if they copied their photos from a digital camera to their home computer, then these files are absolutely safe. Smart people never think so. That's why they usualy make at least one copy of what they have to some external storage, for example CD or DVD disk, external hard drive, RAID array, BD disk, flash drive, etc. Keeping one more copy of your sensitive data in your home safe will give you a hope that these files will not be lost whatver happens to your computer.

There is another serious thing to take care of. If anything happens to the operating system on your computer you will probably be able to reinstall it from scratch if you kept the original CD or DVD disk that came with your computer. But not so many people are able to recall where these disks are. Also even if you can find these disks do you really want to spend hours and even days to reinstall the whole system from scratch, then install the antivirus system(s), all required service packs and updates, then all the software that you were working with, and finally your working files? You can avoid all that if you simply made a complete backup of your computer, or at least the system drive with the operating system and all your settings.

Our company can explain you the importance of all these preventive measures. You can start making backups right now after you buy a required storage system and backup software to make these backups possible. If you are very buys and don't want to do that manually again and again you can program your computer to automatically make these backup on a regular basis for you. So you will only need to copy the created backup files to some safe location, away from your computer.