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AC vs. Computer Repairs
Who is really cheating you?

Why do people pay for their AC repair from $325 to up to $600-$700 for a 20-30 minute work (usually under 10 screws and 3 wires with simple connectors) if a brand new AC fan motor can be found for just $40-$70? Same people want their PCs to be fixed for almost for free while this work requires much more time, efforts, tools and finally qualification. Paradox? We can say so. Many people think that as smaller device is, as cheaper this device and its maintenance are. People usually don’t open or even touch AC units relying on the professionals, but they work with computers mostly every day and after a few months they start thinking that they know everything about them. Well, realistically most of usual (not IT) people know nothing about operating systems, programs, networks, security, protection, viruses, processors, memory, cards, computer maintenance, tuning, etc., being under impression, that all that can be done and fixed after just a few minutes of Googling. Comparing to a computer, an AC is a huge noticable device. If it fails many people living in Arizona know about that right away, and they agree by default to significantly overpay to get AC fixed. Instead, computer is a black box, something small, mostly located under or on a table, and many people never realize how complicated it is and how dangerous it can be. Say, if your personal info is shared to the hackers, to the whole Internet, or simply lost, then you are in a serious trouble. You will spend weeks, months or even years to fix that, to return back to your normal life. If the AC unit stops, you will spend a few minutes to call someone and couple hours to let an AC guy arrive and fix it. And you will forget about that fact pretty soon with no consequences. But just imagine, that all your documents, photos, video files, plus SSN, address, your mother maiden name, bank account info, etc. are accessible to somebody else. You hope that all this sensitive info is secure but it’s simply gone or published. Is it really funny now? And what price you will agree to pay to return back to your normal life and resolve all the issues suddenly appeared on your horizon? So think twice before inviting a cheap $10 expert with a 30 year experience to fix your computer in just a few minutes.