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About Web Site

This site was created by computer professionals for everyone. You can come here with your problems, ask for advice or for help. If you want to install a network in your home or in your office, but not sure what to start with, your computer or even worse, the whole network, got a computer virus and you need to remove it, or simply install a new system, or maybe you want to buy or upgrade your computer, maybe you computer doesn't work and you would like to repair your computer instead of buying or assembling a new one, we are always happy to assist you.

Since we are professional software developers there are a few pages on our site written about very successful projects that we wrote. We are inviting companies and private programmers and users to join us in this interesting process of software development.

There are special pages on our web site telling about hardware, software, network, spammers, and other hot problems. People receive many strange email messages every day. You can understand what to do to these messages if you read these articles on our web site.

We started a new section called Downloads reviewing different programs, usually unknown by people, but very useful and helpful.

There is a Game page that can be interesting not only for children, but for their parents as well.

We will show you how to make a backup to avoid system and/or data loss. You will be able to recover after any computer disaster in just a few minutes instead of losing your data, time and money. Your data will be safe and you will never lose anything if you are got prepared.

There are several special pages publishing the most Important World and Domestic news.

We got a number of requests from many people, not only from our clients, to do something to make our contacts easier. So we started a new Web Conference on our web site, and you can ask any question there.

Welcome to our web site! We will try to answer your questions and help you to resolve your computer related issues when they appear.

And finally if there is nothing else we can do for you with our on-line answers, we can come to you to help you with your problems.

This web site updates very often.
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